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Chitwn D Malhotra

f4 800 1/15                                                                                       Beyond Still

In my first photography workshop, I was told to engage with the model, make them comfortable, talk to them, make sure that they feel at home and emote to the best of their ability.

Being a shy photographer is the worst curse known to man. You meet a lot of models and you have to quickly adapt to their style. Some are reserved, others quiet, flamboyant, vivacious and then there is Maryada. In my 1 hour of shoot, all I heard was "I want to keep jumping while you click". 

'Blur' is not necessarily a bad thing in photography. It can add character to an otherwise painted picture. I deliberately chose a speed of 1/15, when I could have easily gone to 1/60, creating a sense of motion and happiness. 

Pro Tip: First click a 'Jump and shoot' pic, before moving forward.

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