Self Portraits

Have I ever really seen the real me? Have only seen pictures, mirror reflections, shadows, a perception of what I look like. What do others see when they look at me? That interests me, intrigues me, forces me to portray me through my own eyes.

 f4  1/30  6400                                              Room with a view

A photographer has problems no one can understand, except of course another photographer. For example, the problem with 7 star plush hotel rooms is the stylish low light they offer. It’s a little too dark for artist’s comfort.
Window shots are the hardest. You keep the subject perfectly exposed, and the background is washed out losing detail. If you try to correct that, the subject becomes under-exposed.

You must remember that the camera’s in-built photometer captures reading from the vast area. As a result, the camera believes that there is too much light. Unless you are careful, such photos are always under-exposed by 2 stops or more. Use of flash may take away the beauty of the picture. Keep your subject bright by using a reflector underneath or by using white or bright clothing.

When in doubt, always try till 2 stops darker or lighter to attain the best exposure possible.

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